13 August 2005Edit

JWSchmidt has lost interest.

Not true. --JWSchmidt 14:02, 21 Aug 2005 (UTC)

9 May 2005: European dayEdit

I have been on holiday for over a week, without internet access. It looks like the vandals stayed clear of the site, as did any member of any participating team. Time for a restart.

29 April 2005: Teem Tague sponsors a Wild Ride Scavenger HuntEdit

After lecture discussion led to the idea of a RLSW tour. Teem Tague has set up in a extraordinary effort a Wild Ride Scavenger Hunt. Real winners participate in the contest .

26 April 2005: Soap Box lectureEdit

JWSchmidt will deliver the first Soap Box lecture titled "Can we improve upon reality?". The invasion from outer space continues with the appearance of Manmahtiti Bebobinmahtiti.

22 April 2005: Reality Assignment an instanteneous successEdit

Participant:John has produced a terrific sequel to Realiti Wiki. The standard has been set. This will send us intergalactic. We're already seeing an invasion of aliens like Stargate Commander aka Supreme Leader Malek and User:Vymat. Media coverage is expanding rapidly.

21 April 2005: JWSchmidt revengesEdit

Participant:John has announced in the Dining room a revenge on Realiti Wiki; tomorrow Friday 22 April 2005 in a Dinner and a Movie John will host and premier Reality Assignment his latest production.

19 April 2005 Frontpage RedoEdit

With a new Participant of the Week, the emergence of Team Ivory, after having seen the movie Realiti Wiki, it was time for a FrontPage ReDo. There is a mirror of the Blog.

14 April 2005: Tanner has taken the bait Edit

Tomorrow nite, a Dinner and a Movie hosted by Tanner, see the Dining room - Protoscience: as an InterWiki does work - JWSchmidt is considering to set up a team nerd

10 April 2005: A lot is going onEdit

Check Special:Recent changes to see what is going on. A Blog, someone has been to The Kitchen, Protoscience: is making jokes, especially as User:JWSchmidt his InterWiki does not work, so see

8 April 2005: 4 days in historyEdit

Included a lot, including disclaimers. Need a lot of advertising.

4 April 2005: Start of RLSEdit

Initial pages written, many to be written.

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