Project Title: "Reality Assignment and digital minds"

Investigators[edit | edit source]

Project Information[edit | edit source]

Project Description. With the increasing numbers of human minds having been uploaded into virtual reality environments, it is important to begin a new science of Virtual Psychology. As part of this effort, we will conduct a study of how newly uploaded human minds adapt to the Ivory Hospital virtual reality. The study will have two main parts, centered on the subjects' ejobs and their participation in Real Life Soap. The main objective will be to determine how digital minds are able to categorize experiences that are clearly of importance to continued survival (ejob) and experiences that are of a recreational nature (RLSW).

Case Studies[edit | edit source]

  • Nora Yetman. Dr. Yetman is my supervisor. She has a good record of employment in the virtual reality. A scientist by training, it is only recently that she has been involved in RLSW recreational activities.
  • Manmahtiti Bebobinmahtiti (Man Bin). I have known Man Bin for many years. He is having some trouble adapting to the Ivory Hospital virtual reality environment. He is working towards dealing with his problems through Quark's.
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