The term Genesaunt is very ancient. It is used to describe the spectrum of cultures that develop in a Fence Area of a planet like Earth. It is used everywhere in the same certainly was in my home Fence Area. In the case of Earth's Fence Area, there are really only three types of residents:

  1. The natural residents of Earth (still on Earth).
  2. Those who have ancestors who were natural residents of Earth, but who now live off of Earth.
  3. Those who originated from outside of Earth's Fence Area.

Only those in category 3 (above) are really aliens. The term "Genesaunt" is the official term for everyone in category 2 (above). There are some fuzzy areas and special cases. Sometimes humans are taken off of Earth and they technically pass from category 1 to category 2. In other words, if a human who was born on Earth was taken off of Earth (typically, they go to the Observer Base on the Moon), they would become Genesaunt. I am in category 3 because I originated in another galaxy.

Notice that the term "Genesaunt" is relative to where you are. When I was back in my home fence area, I was a Genesaunt of that Fence Area (technically, I still am). If you were to travel to another Fence Area, you would be classified as an alien while you were there.

As I mentioned before, the Genesaunt population of Earth's Fence Area is MUCH larger than the population of Earth. It has been that way for a long time. In fact, there are Genesaunt descendants of life forms that existed on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. Those life forms were taken off of Earth, subjected to genetic and nanoelectronic modifications, and their descendents have existed as sentient Genesaunt beings in many froms ever since. Most of these Genesaunt lines long ago lost all interest in the mundane events of Earth.


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