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The Hyperion 7300 Chamber.

Our Hypothermal therapy services are based on the new Hyperion 7300 Chamber, state-of-the art in hypothermal body medicine.

Emergency Services[]

Sometimes accident, stroke, and heart attack victims arrive at the Ivory Hospital emergency room with litle or no prospect for survival. In some cases, an immediate organ transplant or other major surgical intervention could save the patient, but such surgeries cannot generally be performed on an emergency basis. Hypothermal preservation of critically injured patients can provide enough time to find organs or enough blood for transplantation and other major surgical procedures.

Transplantation waiting list Service[]

Patients waiting for organs can often be placed at the top of organ donation lists if their condition is critical. Ivory Hospital offers full hypothermal preservation support for patients awaiting organ transplants.

Optional mind downloading service[]

If death cannot be avoided, the Hyperion 7300 Chamber provides full mind downloading services according to the IEEE-2005 Mind Downloading Protocol.

Mind uploading options[]

  • long-term mind storage until robotic bodies become available as human mind hosts.
  • Low cost uploading and mind hosting on our local Ivory Hospital network. This virtual reality environment includes e-jobs at the hospital and free recreational access to Real Life Soap as part of on-going Ivory Hospital clinical research into Reality Assignment Disorders.
  • High cost virtual reality servers are also available on the commercial uploading market.