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rls is Real Life Soap Wiki and it is not ...

Acronym:rls found

  • Radar Line of Sight
  • Rail Load Simulator
  • Real Life Scenario
  • Received Line Signal
  • Recursive Least Squares (a mathematical algorithm)
  • Registered Land Surveyor
  • Release
  • Residential Living Supervisor
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Return to Launch Site (also seen as RTLS)
  • Road Locomotive Society (UK)
  • Robert Louis Stevenson

... or any of a few hundred thousand other institutions and corporations with rls in their name, their domainname, as acronym of their name and so on, and this Wiki has got nothing to do with any of these institutions and corporations. The proper InterWiki is, however, [[RealLifeSoap:]] or RealLifeSoap: which works fine on all Wikia Wikis except Real Life Soap Wiki.