Ivory Hospital

Senior StaffEdit

  • Chief of Staff: Dr. Janet Scherrer
  • Chief Surgeon: Dr. Frank Xavier
  • Head, Section for Mental Health: Dr. G. Real
  • Hospital Manager: Dr. Arbin Kharva
  • Director, Medical Imaging: Dr. R. Kalderi
  • Head Nurse: Dr. Phen Seng.

Additional StaffEdit


  • Phone consultation with emergency staff.
  • Ground ambulance transportation.
  • Full Burn Center.
  • Hypothermal therapy.
  • Walk-in treatment facility for Carbon monoxide poisoning and exposure to other toxins.
  • Social Work Services, sexual assault services.
  • Emergency Psychiatric Services, mobile crisis team.
  • Air Care Helicopter. 50-mile radius of the hospital.

House callsEdit

  • Phone consultation with general practitioners
  • Weekly appointments in your home
  • Emergency house calls 24/7

You can participate in clinical research studiesEdit

  • In-hospital studies, as part of your treatment.
  • Out-patient studies. Often involve long-term studies of chronic disease. On-going studies you can join:
    • diabetes
    • Parkinsons
    • arthritis
    • obesity
    • alcohol addiction
  • Studies involving healthy adults.
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