Dr. Schmidt shown discussing a functional magnetic resonance study with Dr. Kalderi. The brain scans show an extra region of brain activity associated with fantasy visualization of an object that is not observed when the same test subject actually sees the object.

Observations of Real Life Soap managers, participants and project.

General Comments on the Project[edit | edit source]

  • Punishment? According to the Main Page, people are supposed to come to this wikicity, invest time and effort developing the wiki, and then face the prospect of being kicked out. Rather than introduce a negative selection force, I think it would be better to introduce a reward. Maybe every week a participant could be selected and celebrated as the Participant of the Week.
  • Recruiting. I suspect that one of the major tricks used by reality TV shows for attracting an audience is SEX. I suspect that the same principle could be applied to attracting certain people to this wiki. It is not clear that sex would be useful for attracting participants who would help build the wiki; they might only want to cruise the site. Such wiki parasites might be good for getting hits on the Ads by Google.
  • Anything goes? So far, it seems like this site will be using FCC standards. Within those parameters, there is still a very wide range for content on this wiki. This could be one of the major attractions for the Real Life Soap wikicity, but there needs to be a way to make sure that participants interact. There could be some rule to force participants to spend a certain amount of time in the house interacting.

List of Managers and Participants[edit | edit source]

  • Show master:Dedalus - The founder of the Real Life Soap wikicity. The available evidence indicates that producing Real Life Soap was not the original motivation for Dedalus to come to wikicities. Other evidence indicates that Dedalus is willing to devote a significant amount of time to producing Real Life Soap (RLS). Why?

    One possibility is that this is an intellectual effort, aimed at asking if the reality T.V. phenomenon can have a wiki component. Alternatively, Dedalus may be one of the many people who would like to participate in a reality T.V. show but has to settle for something else. A third possibility is that Dedalus imagines that the RLS wiki will be fun.

    Dedalus gave me a challenge to introduce a new participant. Meeting the challenge.

    Dedalus gave Tanner a challenge for the upcoming week, to cooperate with me to recruit two new participants. Maybe it is time for a strike....management needs to sell the concept.
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