This is the start of the Real Life Soap Wiki tour, sponsored by Teem Tague.

If you want to have some fun during this tour, you can participate in the Wild Ride Scavenger Hunt.

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Instructions for the Scavenger Hunt[edit | edit source]

There are three items for you to find during the tour. When you find each item there will be a hypertext link that you must click on so that you can record your find. Complete Rules and Instructions

Note: cheating is frowned upon. Conduct your own search for these scavenger hunt items. The point is to have fun. Anyone leaving hints or answers for other participants will be banned from Real Life Soap.

Scavenger hunt Item 1[edit | edit source]

You will be amazed at who you meet here within Real Life Soap Wiki. The famous actress Vira MacTerren ia frequently participating in our special events such as Dinner and a Movie. While you are on the tour, watch for other famous actors. You should be able to easly spot one from the movie Alexander. When you do, find the nearby obvious hyperlink that will allow you to record your eyewittness account of yet another celebrity at Real Life Soap. start the tour

Scavenger hunt Item 2[edit | edit source]

The second item on your search list is going to be a bit more difficult to find. What you are looking for is the favorite fruit Dr. Gethroe Real, Head of the Section for Mental Health at Ivory Hospital. Ivory Hospital is the main medical facility for Real Life Soap Wiki and you will pass it on this tour. In order to find the second item of the scaenger hunt, you are going to have to depart the tour and make a quick visit to Ivory Hospital. When you find the second item, remember to look for the nearby hyperlink that will allow you to record your find. return to the tour

Scavenger hunt Item 3[edit | edit source]

This is the last item to be found and it will not be easy! To find this item you have to depart from the tour near its end (follow the links that are in the tour). The item you must find is an alien artifact. return to the tour

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