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Wiki founded April 5, 2005‎. For the wiki about Real Life Superheroes founded in 2010‎, see w:c:RLSH.
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Virtual Eyes?

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Real Life Soap is your once in a lifetime experience. The ideas of reality television, such as Big Brother, have been be applied to a wiki. This is not an experiment, it is for real. It is a Real Life Soap Wiki. Real people participate. The contributions of the participants, are contributions by real people.
Real Life Soap Wiki started on April 4, 2005, currently has 96 articles.
Participants (or contestants) can edit the wiki in any way they like, and a number of users will be banned each week, after a process yet to be decided, in the same way that contestants on reality TV shows are rejected from the show each week. Who will win? Who will survive? Who will earn eternal fame? And get rich? Who will be the next participant of the week?
The participants include members of the audiences of Real Life Soaps, and in particular those whoever applied for participation or considered participating in one. You are interested! Click in the upper-right corner on create account/log in, and start participating right now. Have fun! You are entitled to an once in a life time experience. You have the right to become famous and rich. Don't be shy.
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Rooms in This House - This House - Hall - Atrium - The Kitchen - The Diner

The Bathroom - Dining room - Bedroom - Dorm - Den - Shower - Toilet

Team Ivory

Our mascot: the Ivory Gull

Ivory team is dedicated to mind-expanding virtual reality fun. Most wikicities have a rather narrow topic area. Team Ivory takes the position that within Real Life Soap Wiki, we are free to do anything that will demonstrate to the Managers that we should not be put on the list of banned participants. For the Ivorati, this means doing anything that can be expected to enliven, quicken, revive, vitalize, animate, brighten, (more) turn on and work up the participants of RLSW.

Team Teem Tague

Interactive art is virtual reality. Immersive entertainment environments force participants into an N-dimensional space where mind triumphs over matter. Join the Tague Teem and express your right-brain creativity.

Teem Tague has no limits. We are in your face in your head in sight in your space in your wiki in the lead in the zone in control in the studio on the hunt

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