The Kitchen

The First Question

What do you want, dry or clean dishes?

The Second Question

Ok, I do the dishes.

That's not a question. :)

The third question

Is this template scheme going to work if people don't answer the questions in sequence?

Why do columns resize?

Is the natural fourth question, after the third answer.

Doing dishes in virtual reality?

Doing dishes here is like going to Heaven and finding that you still have to empty the cat pan. I say lets order out and build a robot house keeper.

The Kitchen

The First Answer

I prefer to dry the dishes.

Second answer

I will dry, even if saying "I'll do the dishes" is not a question and not cleaning a specific dish.

The Third Answer

This template scheme is an experiment within the overall experiment. You might rename the article to sandbox, if you want. I might revert that. A two column view came to my mind as natural. As a reflection on two people standing at the kitchen sink, having the wellknown kitchen sink talk.

The Fourth Answer

Is that one of the intricate templates had a table with unspecified width, which has subsequently been repaired. And, long answers will get out of sync with short answers.

The Fifth Answer is ...

Participant of the Week wants me to dry Robot house keeper, ok.
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